Even a child can understand this. When we allow those with power to claim secrecy, we allow them to do anything they want.


We were so appalled when we discovered this abuse of power in the Nixon administration that we set up special courts to balance the need for expedient data against preventing abuses of secrecy by those in power.

Do you still believe that those in power won't lie to you? That they won't do whatever is necessary to further their own goals? That money has no allure to them? Do you honestly think they have your best interests at heart?

Then, my friend, examine this case: the FCC shredding a report they didn't like. Your tax dollars, wasted because how they're spent is a secret.

You don't even have to go to the highest levels of power to find abuses of power. They will occur anywhere they can be covered up.

Added 2006-09-20: Just like I said, give anyone secrecy and they will abuse their power.