Okay, so it's coming up on Christmas. That alone is stressful, because you can't find any time to shop. The schedule gets so mad, you can barely find time to sleep! In fact, my average is down to about 6 hours a night. And then we try to squeeze in making fudge for gifts, and holiday cards and letters. But it gets worse!

Eri had her first mammogram, and they found microcalcifications -- that meant a biopsy was necessary. We had to make a choice between a "needle biopsy" and a "full biopsy". (Money and medical choices. Now, that's stress!) And of course, our youngest daughter was sick when the appointment came around, so we felt guilty letting our friends watch her. Review season is here, and I've taken so much time off work I don't know how I'm going to be rated.

Now we're all sick. And I'm playing Santa on Christmas Eve! "Here, kid, have a nice cold. Merry Christmas!"

Maybe it'll wind down by the end of next week. Until then, ugh.