I'm just starting to realize some of my potential and take my place in this civilization. I wasted my promising youth for years; I accomplished practically nothing for most of my adult life. Now I'm finally making some modest achievements.

But achievement without contribution is meaningless. Civilization advances through the efforts of its members, not through the guidance of its leaders. While I'm no Kennedy or Einstein, and my achievements are a far cry from novacaine, I believe they still advance civilization, if only a tiny bit.

On these pages you'll find my contributions to humanity. The important ones are free, and always will be. Perhaps you will find them useful. And if you haven't found your own contribution to society, you are welcome to join my efforts.

We are the ones who will change the world. If you do nothing, you change the world into a place where people do nothing. Don't you have anything better to do? Go do something worthwhile and improve the world.