It's not everybody who can break his car every week.

I've been giving little trips to a friend's house. I'm trying to discharge the batteries a little, so when they recharge, maybe they'll finally balance. I'm also trying to figure out my Wh/mile, so I can estimate the range of the car.

To do that, I've got to know how fast the motor is going, because best efficiency is around 3500-4000 RPM. I'm skittish about trusting my calculations from the transmission gear ratios, so today I tried to hook up the tachometer.

I busted something. It won't start.

I could hear two clicks whenever I turned the key, but the secondary main contactor was visibly open. I had Melissa turn the key for me while I measured resistance, and discovered that neither of the main contactors was engaging.

However, the heater contactor is briefly turning on, then turning off. I have no idea why. It's the oddest thing.

Next time, I'll check the car's operation before I start to work on it, so I'll know for sure whether it was something I did or some pre-existing problem.

I'm tired, sweaty, and disappointed. I'll check this out some other time, when I have free time.