Make your way to a memorable birthday party

Melissa has a family reputation of picking neat birthday parties. For instance, her 6th birthday was held at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. (Cheap, easy, and memorable -- and all I had to do was escort a bunch of kids up the stairs!)

This year, she wanted a birthday based on The Amazing Race. That was quite a bit harder than the lighthouse birthday; Eri and I spent more than a week putting everything together, and visited the park three times to make sure we got it all right.

Everyone had loads of fun, and I doubt anyone will forget this birthday.

Of course I used OpenOffice to create the clues and such. I based them off the clues from TV and the Internet. You're welcome to use my documents as a template if you like. Of course, my clues are one full page each, not one-third page like the real race. And they're a little plain, as I didn't have time to put in all the swooshy overlay stuff. But everybody loved them anyway.

I'll add party pictures once we get them developed.