• Oonder-weare?

    This is so funny, I wish I could claim it on my own.

    My whole family loves The Amazing Race. So much so, we're creating our own mini-Race for Melissa's birthday, completely contained in a local park.

    While searching for images of the envelopes to mimic, I came upon ab article where Steve and Dave, the Air Traffic Controllers from TAR4, explain why reading The Amazing Race maps is so difficult. Okay, I've always wondered, since the Racers appear to be so very navigationally challenged.

    The funny bit is this map of Holland, which I've copied to my server in case theirs ever goes offline. Check out the city names. Those crazy producers! No wonder nobody can read the maps!

  • I've been swamped with family stuff for a couple of weeks; very little has gotten done on the EV. Nathan came over Saturday to fix that. He did make some progress, but not as much as he'd hoped.

    He also left behind a trail of stuff that needed attention over the week. I just ruined my favorite shirt taking care of it.

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  • Is your relationship with oil too much for you now? Have you become just too far apart? You should read mattW's hilarious breakup speech with Oil on the DIY Electric Car site.

    "I think we should start seeing other fuels." I wish I was that funny.

  • I've improved my old multiplication worksheet! The new, improved, online timed math test has all these features:

    • Online or printable worksheets!
    • Javascript test timer!
    • Customizable problem sets (Only want to work on the 7 and 8 facts? Yeah, we can do that!)
    • All basic math operations, including:
      • Multiplication
      • Division
      • Addition
      • Subtraction with possible negative results
      • Subtraction with only positive results
    • Custom worksheet sizes
    • Next problem with Tab or Enter (supporting keyboard and 10-key pad)
    The online functionality requires a browser with Javascript enabled.

    I'm also working on a Hall of Fame, but I'm worried about crackers. Maybe I could make a Personal Best page, instead...

    If you can think of any other features you want, just let me know!

    Update 11:30 PM: Now works properly in Internet Explorer!


  • Yesterday Nathan was supposed to come over and work on the car with me. However, Tatiana was performing as part of the Florida Young Artists Orchestra, so we canceled the garage work and I spent the day with my family.

    Okay, I spent the day driving my family around. Specifically, Omi and Opi. Opi seems to be adjusting to travel, at least a little bit.

    It was a wonderful evening. A fantastic picture sold at auction for a good price, despite its value being underestimated by half. (Much thanks to Melynda for the work she did preparing the painting.) Tatiana did a fantastic job! The orchestra was fantastic, and the newly commissioned Ponce De Leon Suite gave me shivers. Melissa played the cowbell for Tangerine Rag, and it was terrific, too!

    I heartily recommend any of the FYAO events. They're always interesting, and the world needs more music.