I found a web-based tool for trying Starcraft 2 builds. It's fully Javascript, and a little unintuitive, but once you get the hang of it, it's worthwhile.

On my Vista system, both Firefox and IE9 don't update the URL as you build. Chrome works, though. Then you can save links like this: SC2Planner 4-gate.

I'm working on a build I call "SkyBlade". It starts with a zealot rush, to make the opponent go for ground defense. Then it transitions into Phoenix, to wipe out his supply (Zerg overlords), his ground army (Protoss stalkers), or his workers (Terran mules and SCVs).

4 Zealots at 4:15

I think I'm going to try cannibalizing the 4-gate opening, to see if I can get the four Zealots at the same time, but get the gas earlier.

  1. 4 Zealots at 4:34 - lots of gas, but no Cybercore, and the only way to get the Zealots any earlier is to get the second Gateway earlier.
  2. 4 Zealots at 4:25 by cutting some probes to back up the second Gateway, and chronoboosting the early Zealots.
  3. 4 Zealots at 4:25 by cutting the earlier probe to back the second Gateway all the way up. We get mineral-blocked.
  4. 4 Zealots at 4:19 by cutting yet another Probe. Still no Cybercore, which will be a problem since we want to get Stargates, but LOTS of gas.

And here's what I've got so far:

  1. Build 1
  2. Build 2