Power steering rack

Today Nathan came over and we did some light work on the Silent E. We were going to replace the power steering with manual steering, but no junkyards were open, so we just took out the power steering rack.

We also emptied the batteries out of the rear box, in anticipation of cutting some access holes in the rear hatch floor. And we wired up the PFC-20 for 12V operation and started charging individual batteries.

The hiatus is over! Now we'll start working on the EV again. 2006-10-22: Pictures!

Power unit

The rack itself is just above; I always thought it would be flat and rectangular, but lo! It's a giant cylinder! And here's the little hydraulic unit that actually provides the power boost. Sorry it's so blurry.

It came from...

Here's a look at the previous location of the PS rack. It was mounted behind the transmission, in that circular mount you can see near the center of the picture. It reached all the way to that bolt sticking down, which mounted one of the ends. We're going to get a manual rack from a Civic SI or CRX SI, because they're supposed to have easier turning ratios. It should fit right in here.