Since my garage door broke several weeks ago, I've been parking the Silent E outside. Eri has been concerned that someone will steal my extension cord, since it's a really nice version I paid some extra money for.

But we live in a nice neighborhood, so we haven't had any problems with that. Instead, somebody's been unplugging my car.

It's happened 3 times now. I've detected each occurrence with plenty of time to correct the problem, but it's still a little disturbing. The big question is, "Why?" Does someone just hate EVs? Is someone jealous? Is my charger or fan making a noise that's driving someone crazy?

Or is a squirrel trying to climb the wire and pulling it free?

If I had enough money, I'd set up a little camera to watch the car. The cheap, low-tech solution is to just tie a knot in the cord; at least that'll deter anyone who isn't actually upset.